Matryoshka dolls/ Nuclear Fruit/ Light /Someone Asserting/ Another Me

original poem〈套娃〉
english translation by Jeats

Matryoshka dolls

Fabricated of stones
So gigantic for miles of extension
Those Russian Matryoshka dolls
Nobody knew
Which epoch did they appear to be there
The Seniority admonishing us of
This ancient legend
The great ancestor Divinity
Captured the dreadful Satan
Sealing Him in the infinite abyss inside dolls
None daring to get close
Satan is so powerful that 
Matryoshka dolls get cracked in a few years 
We have to make 
Huger Matryoshka dolls to cover the old dolls
Since Satan is everywhere in the world
More and huger Matryoshka dolls 
The Seniority assure us of no worries
Someday the Divinity might get back
To fly us away from the planet


Tomb of Fireflies

original poem 〈螢火蟲之墓〉
english translation by Jeats

Tomb of Fireflies

I curled up so much to try to arch the
Space gradually withered
Memory maybe was the only silk suspended
Integrating craggy skeletons of the scenario, it forcefully
Snapped me at my cold myocardial

The river with vocal folds cut was in silence
The slanted swing quivered in fire
Behold! Dazzling flowers in bloom and fall
Stared in surprise with wings fluttering

But the grassland unselfishly with green of necessity
Rubbed agaist my melancholy soul and made me sink
And sink more. Tender 
Touching the hair of darkness

Perhaps I might forget the kind of gesture
Where you laid the umbrella was our home
Setsuko, let no tears fall
I hurled laughter back to the candy jar and shook it

Shook the step sounds of early death loud
Made a cloud linger around
To stop to become peaceful eye shade. Behold!
For now, I thought of flight and then I did

Cosmos Youth (The youth exists universally)

original poem 〈宇宙少年(少年宇宙地存在)〉
english translation by Jeats

Cosmos Youth (The youth exists universally)

Alone I prone on the rail
Stared with my eyes stark at those dancers.
Gorgeously swinging around the pool. On the glass, 
They slid with shush sounding.
Stunning, brisk, minimum
Scurry, elegant and simple
Dancing, unable to reach the very end
How unlimitedly huge 
A world it is! My mind started to
Revolve in flight and ponder repeatedly
What they meditate and Music is
What kind of Waltz?

What household that girl belongs to?
Such a charming look, so familiar and understanding
Always appeared in the Dancing Hall of night
With fragrance of cape jasmines
Perhaps, somewhere from the distance
We once went by with each other
But each of us went toward a
Destination unconfirmed. Is it
Far away where they were from?
There was surely a supreme teacher
Who still possessed unspeakable 
Profound dance skill

Whenever the curtain lowered down
I then came to the pool in solitude
Holding my chin, entranced, I glazed at
Brilliant garments shining unceasingly
Dressed in Tutu skirt
That unknown girl, when is 
My turn to ask her for a dance?


Moths/ Withered Tree/ Fates of Difference/ The Pilose Beggarticks Along The Hill Road

original poem〈飛蛾〉
english translation by Jeats


Moths fled to the lamp 
Swallows caught them all

Many moths were flying to the street lamps. At the same time, ten swallows, more or less, were circling around the lamps fast back and forth and biting away those moths. Though eaten away one by one by swallows, moths still were concentrated on their goal without any fear to get away and any hesitation to cease proceeding. They just fled up to the lights; that seemed to be their destiny. However, ironically, almost all the moths were bitten away before they touched up their goal. Less than ten minutes, all the moths were the delicious dinner to swallows. Then, it was all in silence outside the window (The scene I saw at my dinner in Mosburger’s.)


Dream of a Butterfly/ Taichi/ Solitude

original poem 〈蝶之夢〉
english translation by Jeats 

Dream of a Butterfly

Have you been to a fancy Wonderland? 
There existed a deep dark green night sky 
Have you ever experienced there 
A beautiful encounter 
Since when the wind slightly stirred your garment 
I just recollected the time ago 
I seemed to have seen in pre-life 
Like this moment the mark shown on your nude 
A feast of breath-taking 
Rain of shooting stars 
Gradually floating in the wind 
Around me

original poem 〈太極〉
english translation by Jeats


Self, the night roamer regards the sky
Through a pipe. In fire has the Phoenix revived
Spectrum of cloud-smoke has moved toward
The other end of Melancholy, but
Perhaps year by year it is
The unbearable beauty of terror
And illusion
Sea, is now and then everywhere; Self as shadowed
Man in Mirror of mutual root
Mature, spirit, intangible Nirvana 
The mirror holder is aged increasingly while I get younger
Until the negative number is consumed as to
Infinite number
Human body reaches the feverish solitude of death
Sea is stuffed with positive matter
Briefly deviated from urgent balances
Ripples are being clamorous
Who, making common things obtain spirits 
To imitate their host
The sophisticated labyrinth is
Fabricated of the simplest complicatedness
Who leads him to trial-error
Who makes him oblivious
And entrusts him Memory
Passing away is simply the beginning unconscious
Poppy. Yi, metaphysical or physical
Everything in the universe, is, at least
Remembered or collected by someone or something
Pry the time bondage open with your faith and intuition
A blink is then another circle of life
Seeming so, my dream. It is the constant-abiding 
Night that stretches out its tentacles
Twisted with thin lines of my Destiny
Pro of Yan and Con of Yin, fragments
Maybe it’s just as Taichi
To stare up at endless stars; that’s all the Self
All  women are
The most beautiful Spiral
Nevertheless, I am also a mayfly or an ant
Divining future of chaos, fullness and emptiness ...........


original poem 〈孤寂〉
english translation by Jeats 


Seemingly such a flawless moment in Solitude 
Firmament as off its heavy burden 
A guest house of the vein of mine on the soulless terrene I, am just being 

 A outer shell without its snail


I Love you/ Recovering of a Flower/ Encounter

English translation by Jeats

I Love You

The stumbled hurdle athlete on the track
Each time articulating *three character phrase
All blushed by himself on the cheeks 

* three character phrase: in Chinese, each character is also a word. “I love you” are combined of three characters. However, in Chinese “three character phrase” also mean foul language to scold others.


烏克麗麗:〈戀愛ing〉、〈乾杯〉// 散步


my original poem <1947> 2006.07.31
English translation by Jeats , 2017.02.10


One clog unworn
Deeply trapped in the muddy night outside Tea Chamber
Austere eyesight all the air
Had drafted down the obituary

A circle of Sun rumbling
Rolled over the avenue just being plowed up
As in a Safari field
Crammed with the obsolete
Cheap target sheet of
Crippled stomach and bowels which
Youth Canines shared the remains

With characters so forceful
Where an official document had arrived at
The river was stuffed dry
The land was exalted high
Perhaps we have been dead before
Like smashed by a hand
A chessboard game

Wretched cuckoos bred eggs
In the smoky and spiral-raising shrine
Pilgrim believers were bound
To be sacrifices in the ceremony
Hill mynas repeating
Resounding praises
Mythology of Heroes and fatherland
Along the winding corridor voices were drawn

Only at night through the inspection of
Palms and tibias would then notice sharply
Piercing explosiveness
The rain outside the window kept falling down
Our harbor seemed to make efforts
To wash away everything

No one dared to turn over Calendar
Since that day
Just as no one dared to touch
A dish of steamed fish on table
Much afraid of sliced fish showing up
Our dearest Mother who
Since that night that year
Appeared no more



finally, with the help of my bosom friend Jeats, the translation of my poems has begun.

original poem 〈Theta〉 2015.12.29
English Translation by  Jeats , 2017.02.08


Midnight at Cafe
We are wondering
Galaxy, craftsman, evening primrose…
Again and again
Repeatedly we lay our feet into unfathomable sea water
Hesitantly, unable to stare at that deep
Particles seeming in front of the event horizon
Closer then will we get drawn into
The eternal black hole
Unknown fear raiding on from Heart
From the unlimited bottom of heart

Walk on the obscure street
Head up to follow Orion’s guidance
Then will we walk away the prison-like labyrinth
But, before that
We need to collect that magic power
We come to this world to seek it
Amid the mountain and the stream
Amid the shadow of Galaxy itself
Amid the smudgy children’s faces
Amid the spectrum of tears
Beautifully violate the mechanics of anything

But we finally
Will step on our journey
Head up, if we can
See from the distance
Perhaps we will find
Our own view of the back
End of the road, fishers’ lamplight far away on the sea
Sailing and circling in lines
Just like dancing
Wish a great harvest of the moored fish boat
Each seafarer is able to
Glaze at Self smiley
Might be a bit pitiful
But without remorse

The sky night is like a well
Cooling spring water just pour out
Stars so close
Like piles of fruits from the sturdy trees
Reached within hands stretching out
Alas! This is it
Feel of null gravity
The girl proving equivalence principle herself
Still falling down
A time loop is there
Already, she has found the flying stone

2015.12.29 First draft. In memory of a deceased star-chasing girl, Theta.

Recently I have googled on the web and I found a personal blog by Theta at GeoCities. Luckily, the blog was backed up before the website was closed.

“I just more admire the mystery of the Spiral Galaxy. I shall not fear the 2-kilometered killer virus. I am curious about the nest structure of magnetic liquid. I am grateful for the benefit of desalination of sea water. I am joyful for the Euler Line proof out of binary linear equation. I praise the evolution of eyes of lower level living creatures; besides, more, I love the things: from blue sky to flower garden, from green water to snow, form sunset to stars.” What an article! If Theta girl is still somewhere in the universe, she might write down some more interesting articles.

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