finally, with the help of my bosom friend Jeats, the translation of my poems has begun.

original poem 〈Theta〉 2015.12.29
English Translation by  Jeats , 2017.02.08


Midnight at Cafe
We are wondering
Galaxy, craftsman, evening primrose…
Again and again
Repeatedly we lay our feet into unfathomable sea water
Hesitantly, unable to stare at that deep
Particles seeming in front of the event horizon
Closer then will we get drawn into
The eternal black hole
Unknown fear raiding on from Heart
From the unlimited bottom of heart

Walk on the obscure street
Head up to follow Orion’s guidance
Then will we walk away the prison-like labyrinth
But, before that
We need to collect that magic power
We come to this world to seek it
Amid the mountain and the stream
Amid the shadow of Galaxy itself
Amid the smudgy children’s faces
Amid the spectrum of tears
Beautifully violate the mechanics of anything

But we finally
Will step on our journey
Head up, if we can
See from the distance
Perhaps we will find
Our own view of the back
End of the road, fishers’ lamplight far away on the sea
Sailing and circling in lines
Just like dancing
Wish a great harvest of the moored fish boat
Each seafarer is able to
Glaze at Self smiley
Might be a bit pitiful
But without remorse

The sky night is like a well
Cooling spring water just pour out
Stars so close
Like piles of fruits from the sturdy trees
Reached within hands stretching out
Alas! This is it
Feel of null gravity
The girl proving equivalence principle herself
Still falling down
A time loop is there
Already, she has found the flying stone

2015.12.29 First draft. In memory of a deceased star-chasing girl, Theta.

Recently I have googled on the web and I found a personal blog by Theta at GeoCities. Luckily, the blog was backed up before the website was closed.

“I just more admire the mystery of the Spiral Galaxy. I shall not fear the 2-kilometered killer virus. I am curious about the nest structure of magnetic liquid. I am grateful for the benefit of desalination of sea water. I am joyful for the Euler Line proof out of binary linear equation. I praise the evolution of eyes of lower level living creatures; besides, more, I love the things: from blue sky to flower garden, from green water to snow, form sunset to stars.” What an article! If Theta girl is still somewhere in the universe, she might write down some more interesting articles.

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