COSMOS (Photons Forward in Spiral)

original poem〈宇宙〉(螺旋前進的光子) 
english translation by Jeats

COSMOS (Photons Forward in Spiral)

Full of lush branches and twigs
Spring and spring were
Woven into space
Outside was a secret place none has been back 
The Geodesics of fate
Hundreds and millions of turning around
The encounter of you and me
Each had a firm vow
Intersection was the simplest and
The straightest shortcut

From just a frowning and a smelling
Thin line of the mouth was affected
The unseen current of time was bursting out
Connecting island with island
At the groups of ships unloaded
We temporarily inhabited at the infinite
Sequence of numbers moving all the way
Dared not to sleep
In case that sea thieves would steal away
Our hope when we were awake
A boiler without any stain or
The empty space of the sailing dairy were
More depressing than the death of a passenger

When closing eyes
Would there be a dutiful sailor
Keeping on supervising this fancy sea city continuingly?
Was that because of you being absentminded
Insects and birds were so energetic?
Would night-blooming cereus still fade away
If I still gazed at it on and on?

You and I took turns staying up the night
To pray for St. Elmo's Fire
Wild darkness of the church
Made the collage Rosy windows inferior and humble
Leftover music of six string lyre
Multi-dimensional transplanted
Waves of metaphors
Lingered between the ancient pillars
An ark full of precise fixture instruments
Erased its ultimate coordinate

Gleaming and flashing fingerlings
Flied over in group from the side of boats 
To pass over the polar night and
Double slits under lovers’ eyelids
Like a burst of meteor shower 
With simplified details by desire
We just let ourselves in crisscrossed jolt and shake 
In puzzles of miracles having nothing to do with the standard
In the journey pre-compressed
The pendulum forgot to swing

Whether the only answer to the function was
If it could 
Concentrate at some point
To make the stupidity and anger outside the focus gradually
Disperse their molecules
If like that I could steer away
The anxiety of the vast sea territory
To make you under the eyelid
The last and only anchor



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